The ABONKLUBO has been joined so far by: 
104 subscribers in 2016,
98 subscribers in 2017,
78 subscribers in 2018,
149 subscribers in 2019,
82 subscribers in 2020,
98 subscribers in 2021,
75 subscribers in 2022,
29 subscribers in 2023


20 subscribers in 2024

What is it?
Vinilkosmo is introducing a new concept: a club to subscribe to Esperanto music in various formulas.


Quels services offre Vinilkosmo Abonklubo? (le club d'abonnement de Vinilkosmo)

The last two years, our label has suffered because of the records crisis. There was a drastic fall in sales. Vinilkosmo is adapting to this evolution by proposing solutions for continuing the production of Esperanto music. That is why the site was created in 2010, in order to sell virtual albums. But the sale of virtual albums was not at all comparable with the previous sale of CDs. Today, the modern way to listen to music is through streaming. With the help of our partner Music Divercities (ex-1D touch), we have an opportunity to enter this world. This new system alone will not solve the problem. We need more people who actively support Esperanto music. Subscribing means actively contributing to Esperanto music so that Vinilkosmo can continue producing and publishing.

Why Music Divercities ?  (From June 1, 2018, 1D touch becomes Divercities Music)
1Dtouch Divercities

Music Divercities is a streaming platform dedicated to independent cultural creation.
This atypical and fair trade streaming site strives to reinvent new rules of sharing value in the cyber era in order to support the artists and independent producers. The usual streaming sites pay the artists very little. In comparison, Music Divercities pays the artists 40 times more than Spotify and Deezer.

How does it work?
A subscription is valid for 1 year (12 months from date to date), and you need to renew the subscription before the end of the year to continue it for the following year. If you access Music Divercities, you get the Vinilkosmo’s complete catalog of more than 100 albums in Esperanto! Subscribers benefit as well from the catalogs of hundreds of other independent publishers with the most colorful diversity that made them famous, with 50,000 artists and 1,000,000 music titles from 7,000 independent publishers.

What services does Vinilkosmo-Abonklubo offer?
-Access to the Vinilkosmo catalog according to the choice of formula and in various formats available:

-Acces to the fair trade streaming in Music Divercities : (Vinilkosmo label page)         

– Other surprises and gifts

What is our goal?
The goal is to reach 200 subscribers by the sommer 2019.

And what now?
Welcome to the Vinilkosmo Abonklubo!
Thank you for your active support of Esperanto music production and publishing.

The Vinilkosmo Team

What subscription formulas does the Vinilkosmo-Abonklubo offer?
All formulas are valid for one year (12 months from date to date

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