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Espéranto ou tard - Morice Benin – Drôme Provençale, France

A collaboration Fanal, SAT-Amikaro, and Vinilkosmo © 2018

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Release of the digital Single on 21 july 2018

17 years after the release of the album In-spir’, Morice Benin surprises us again with Esperanto.
It is here, with the collaboration of SAT-Amikaro (which funded the recording) and independent labels Fanal and Vinilkosmo, that this single French about Esperanto, and its instrumental version for karaoke is born.

But let the artist present his own work.

Esperanto? Does it still exist?
More than a century ago, a dream was born: a bridge language for a myriad of different people, and solidarity throughout the world: minorities but fiercely fraternal.
This language would serve no nationalism, no schism, no business, no ideological servitude, in short no politically correct design. Today, it still digs its improbable furrow in a world become hostile, competitive, where the English language reigns as absolute mistress. Initially, what attracted me to this utopia is the common effort that requires its learning: initial democracy where no power is at stake. It is just a question of adhering to a certain planetary citizenship conveyed in resonance with this fertile sentence by André Gide: "The world will be saved only by the rebellious ones. These unsubmitting people are the salt of the earth" .
About fifteen years ago, I began to sing in it, even though I do not really practice it, just trying to add my little stone to the edifice of this stubborn and founding dream.

Morice Benin
On this single Morice Benin is:
Morice Benin: vocals and guitar
Musician, arrangements and orchestrations: Eric Miller

Recording, mixing, and mastering: Pascal Jacquemin at Potard Studio (Cher, France)

Text: Morice Benin (in collaboration with Gilbert Stammbach)
Music: Morice Benin (April 2018)

Graphic cover design: Claude Larosa
Directed by: Claude Guillon

For those who do not want the finalized single offered by Vinilkosmo, SAT-Amikaro provides the song alone in MP3 (without the cover or the instrumental) for free download on its website: http: //www.sat-amikaro .org / spip.php? article2212

2- Espéranto ou tard

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1,00 €

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