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Nuda - Kjara - Rimini, Italy
EP produced by Musica di Seta © 2023
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Release of the EP 4 titles on 25 july 2023


Nuda (Naked) is the title of this new project which challenged Kjara, practically this EP is a challenge.
She never left her guitars aside to entrust the interpretation "solely" to the voice and the text and the music, in an interior and passionate dialogue with the piano of Simone Migani.
It was a beautiful collaborative project that came to fruition successfully despite the doubts, but in the end Kjara trusted herself and she learned to trust, she stripped herself of the certainties obtained by playing her instrument and she was carried away with emotional nudity.
The songs allowed Kjara to do that. As always, the music masters the artists, as it should and as it needs to be. Esperanto always gives her new opportunities and possibilities to go beyond the limits, as it is in its very nature and its ideal...

The translations/adaptations were made by Federico Gobbo.

The EP Nuda contains 4 songs, Tiu ĉi tempo (This time) and Nombru ĉion (Count everything) were never released, Sablo Venta (Sand and Wind) is a track taken from the 2015 album Disordine, and Mozaiko (akustika versio) (Mosaic [acoustic version]) is the acoustic version of one of the most important songs for the artist.

About the songs:
Tiu ĉi tempo (This time): Learn not to be afraid, seize the good moments and also the most complex ones, turn them into opportunities. Sometimes our worst enemies are ourselves. It is an invitation to live, to take risks because it is our time, the time we have.

Nombru ĉion (Count everything): A list of beautiful things that smell good every day. Precious little things, pearl necklaces and new music. The only way to resist is to count the good things around us and keep them as treasure, to use them as a tool, as a path to serenity.

Sablo Venta (Sand and Wind): Kjara wanted to "revive" this old song because it carries images that are dear to her, the sand and the wind, two elements that are part of her history, her origins, her hometown - Rimini - and that , when together, confuses, creates chaos. Despite the passing of the years, it is always interesting to invent new ways to cross the "wind of sand".

Mozaiko (akustika versio) (Mosaic – acoustic version): We are all part of a great universal mosaic, each of us is a piece of this picture. Begin to seek to recognize yourself again. In fact, to recognize each other is to support each other.

In this EP KJARA is:
-Texts and music by Chiara Raggi
-Translation and adaptation of texts in Esperanto: Federico Gobbo

-Chiara Raggi: voice
-Simone Migani: piano
-Arrangements: Chiara Raggi and Simone Migani

-Recording and mixing : Mattia "Matta" Dallara at Depositozero Studios (Forlì - FC)
-Mastering: Max Paparella at Groove Sound Design (Monteveglio - BO)

-Graphic art of EP cover: Francesco Mussoni
-Art production: Musica di Seta
-Executive production: Musica di Seta/Vinilkosmo
-Digital distribution : Vinilkosmo via Believe Music France
-Press service: Chiara Giorgi for Italy, Floréal Martorell for foreign countries and Esperanto .

3- Nuda

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