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 KAJTO  Burgum  - Friesland (Netherlands)

Nanne and Ankie have been playing together since 1980. First off in the group Irolt, later in Kat yn ’t Seil, Kajto, and Liereliet. With these groups, and together as a duo, singing in Esperanto, in Frisian, and in Dutch, they recorded more than thirty LPs and CDs, and regularly toured many countries, not just Europe, but also North America and Australia. In the summer of 2014, Nanne and Ankie toured the United States for eight weeks.

In 1988 the group Kajto (made up of Nanne Kalma, Ankie van der Meer, Marita Kruijswijk, and Marian Nesse) started singing in Esperanto. In the summer of 1989, during the World Esperanto Congress in Brighton, Great Britain, the CD Kajto was presented, and this turned out to be the first CD in Esperanto ever in the world.

In the years that followed, the group traveled to many countries to give concerts, and released five CDs in all.

In 2004 in the city of Aalen, Germany, the FAME Culture Prize was awarded to Kajto in recognition of their contribution to the Esperanto musical culture.

Today, Kajto consists of Nanne Kalma and Ankie van der Meer, who use this name for their Esperanto repertoire.

The duo Kajto has a varied repertoire, singing about different subjects. Maritime and historical themes play an important role, but they also sing about humorous events in daily life. They also love to put Esperanto and Frisian poems to music.

At festivals, concerts, cultural evenings, or singing workshops, Nanne and Ankie’s program is always witty and adapted to the situation wherever they are.

The duo Kajto presents the songs, depending on where they are, in Esperanto, Dutch, Frisian, English, German, or French. They accompany themselves on several instruments, such as the guitar, the mandoline, the concertina (a six-sided small type of accordeon), shawm and cittern.

During the first decade of the 21st century they released eighteen new CDs in several languages, namely Esperanto, Frisian, Dutch, and English.

In July 2015, during the World Esperanto Congress in Lille, France, Nanne and Ankie presented their 7th CD album in Esperanto: Kajto flugas (The Kite Flies).

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