Album ref.: VKKD126-B
6-titles – 24:04 mn
Available in MP3 – 320 Kb/s and OGG formats

Emocioj - Joëlle Rabu – Vancouver (Canada)

Produced by Wally G. du Temple © 2014

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This second part of the compilation album “Emocioj” begins with two instrumentals by Tom Neville and Charlie Knowles; followed by two unique covers of Edith Piaf sung in Esperanto (“La Vie en Rose”  “Hymn to Love”), taken from the vinyl album “Passport”; and finally two songs written by Joëlle Rabu.

This album dates from the meeting between Joëlle Rabu and Veselin Damjanov, the latter having convinced Joëlle to adopt Esperanto in order to radiate her beautiful voice across borders. The album ends with a multilingual song by Joëlle Rabu, entitled “Esperanto”.

Joëlle Rabu in this album is:
-Tom Neville: arrangements, guitar, mandolin and violin
-Robert Neville: pennywhistle
-Charlie Knowles: Bass, Fretless "trombone"
-Ron Stelting: percussion
-Jack Stafford: clarinet

-Joëlle Rabu: vocals
-J. Douglas Dodd: arrangements, accordion, guitar, synthesizer
-Claude Piron: esperanto translations (Edith Piaf, J. Rabu)
-Charlie Knowles: bass , cello, guitar, harmony vocals
-Tom Neville: violin, guitar, banjo
-Reg Block: guitar

The song "Esperanto"
-Bruce Rodney Dunn : Canada West Chamber Orchestra, conductor
-Marl koening : Concertmaster
-Robert MacDonald: clarinet
-Elizabeth McBurney: flute
-Bruce Dunn: french horn
-Brian G'Froerer: french horn
-Gordon Cherry: trombone
-Douglas Sparkes: trombone
-Reg Block: guitar
-Sal Ferreras: timpani, percussion
-Scott Robertson: pipe drum
-Robert Lang: Vancouver Children's Choir, conductor

Recorded in the Studio Goldrush Recording Company in Vancouver (Canada) in 1984

Sound engineers: Simon Garber, Charlie Knowkles and Phil Posner
Digitizing and mastering: Simon Garber and Charlie Knowkles in 2013

Artwork design : Mark Dowding - Windgod Media Services

1- Emocioj (Part.B)

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