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Ĵomart and Nataŝa - Stockholm (Sweden)


Ĵomart and Nataŝa are a musical duo that sings in Esperanto in a melodic, occasionally romantic style. The duo originates from the ex-Soviet Union. They came together en 1985 in Shimkent, Kazakhstan, when Ĵomart met Nataŝa in the school where he taught Esperanto and lead the school’s rock band Kredo.
In 1987 Ĵomart and Nataŝa held their first Esperanto concert in the Uzbek city of Samarkand. They only sang three or four songs together then, but it was nonetheless a great success, which encouraged them to carry on.
Since then Nataŝa and Ĵomart have always been together! They have traveled a lot to different summer Esperanto meetings and festivals, and have always sung with pleasure for their friends.

They were married in 1991, and after traveling to the World Esperanto Congress in Bergen, Norway, and the International Youth Congress in Karlskoga, Sweden, they moved to Sweden definitely, where their daughter Carina was born in 1995.

Ĵomart’s guitar and Nataŝa’s recorder accompany their melodic and often softly melancholic singing. Their songs must be heard in a completely intimate setting. Ĵomart writes his lyrics on themes that touch him and that he wants to relate, hoping that the auditor will always feel and understand the song’s essence. On concert, they strive to create a silent exchange between the public and the artists.

Ĵomart and Nataŝa’s music are a mixture of folk and pop styles. All the duo’s songs are originally in Esperanto, writen and composed by themselves. Most of their songs can be found on their published cassette and CD albums.

Ĵomart and Nataŝa’s first recording was a vinyl EP titled Somera mondo (summer world), released by Melodia in Uzbekistan in 1989.

Folioj de mia memoro (leaves of my memory) was recorded during their first visit to Sweden in 1990, right after the Esperanto Cultural Festival in Vesterås, and released on cassette by the Swedish label Eldona Societo Esperanto.

The second cassette album was Vi kuras de vi (you run from yourself), partly recorded in Pigo-studio and partly in another studio in Stockholm, and released on the Italian label Edistudio in 1992.

The cassette album Samarkand’ was released in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1994.

The first CD album Valso por amikoj (waltz for friends, VKKD 28), released in 1999, was dedicated to all of Ĵomart and Nataŝa’s Swedish friends who had helped them over a difficult period in their life. The disc was recorded in their very first studio – it was their first home recording.

Amu min (love me, VKKD 65) was released in December 2003. This second CD presents 12 songs with lyrics written by Mikaelo Bronŝtein. The album was recorded and mixed in their own home studio, ĴomArt’s Studio.

And finally, the first disc of the color colletion La ruĝa albumo – ĴomArtaĵoj (the red album – ĴomArt’s things) was released for the Esperanto Cultural Festival 2009 and gathers up the old songs from their preceding albums.

The second album of the collection "ĴomArtaĵoj", "La Arĝenta albumo", came out in August 2012.

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