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Ĵak Le Puil - Thaumiers (Bourges, France)

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Jacques Le Puil began singing his own songs in 1961. In 1963 he won a contest at the Théâtre Mouffetard in Paris, with a gig at La Boîte à Magie. Cabaret in Ouistream, Calvados. In 1963 he left for Algeria as a teacher.

He returned to singing, in Esperanto, in 1976. In 1978 he created in Paris with Georges Lagrange the monthly Esperanto cabaret La Ruza Kruĉo, which lived until 1982. He recorded his first cassette, Danĝera ul' in Italy, accompanied by Gianfranco Molle, with songs translated by Georges Lagrange from French and English (Boris Vian, François Béranger, Maxime le Forestier, Graeme Allwright, Tom Paxton).

In 1979 he performed in French, but always with a couple of songs in Esperanto, at the Troglodyte in Paris, at La Graine in Lyons, and also in various youth clubs, restaurants, and cabarets during ten years.

In 1982 he released his second cassette, Revenas mi, with translations (Lili by Pierre Perret, Tout fout l'camp by Mouloudji), and four originals by Le Puil.

In 1985, the third cassette, De Pont-Aven al Varsovi' with five original songs, music by Le Puil, lyrics by Jean-Pierre Danvy, Frank Stein, and Tibor Sekelj, and five songs translated from French, of which Les remparts de Varsovie by Jacques Brel.

In 1992, he recorded his fourth cassette in Poland, Ne donu tro, with originals and translations by Le Puil, Danvy, and Lagrange, e.g. Mourir pour des idées by Georges Brassens.

In 2004 his first CD, Mi estas, was released by Vinilkosmo. Jean-Marc Leclercq (JoMo) accompanied him with fourteen original songs based on texts by the Russian Mikhalski, the Germans Stefan Maul and Claus J. Günkel, the Czech Tomá Pumpr, and the Bulgarian Radoj Ralin, plus some translations.

In 2014, a second CD at Vinilkosmo: Sen elizi’, accompanied by Jean-Marc Leclercq (JoMo), guitar and balalaika; Pierre Bouvier, contrabasse; Jean-Claude Patalano, alto and soprano saxophones, clarinet, and concert flute; Yo, drums.

Fourteen original songs from texts by Christian Sedant, Evgenij Mikhalskij, Jean-Pierre Danvy, Stefan Maul, Marjorie Boulton, Mazda, Georges Lagrange, and himself. Three traditional pieces, also: “Ho belulin’) (Bela ciao) translated by Renato Corsetti; “La kavaliroj de l’ ronda tablo” (Knights of the Round Table), translated by Michel Duc Goninaz; and “La edzino de la kolportisto” (The peddler’s wife) translated by Jean-Pierre Danvy. There remain two songs translated from French: “Klifo kaj maro” (Cliff and sea) by Ghislain Schreurs, translated by Georges Lagrange; and “Revenas mi” (I’m coming home) by Jean-Pierre Ferland, translated by Jean-Pierre Danvy.

In more than thirty years Le Puil has sung in numerous European countries (Germany, Hungary, and Italy in 2009 and 2014), and in Brazil.

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