Album ref.: VKBA048-090
EP 6 titles - 23:11 mn, Available in MP3 – 320 Kb/s - OGG - FLAC - streaming formats

Bela vivo - TIM – Cali / Berlin (Colombia, Germany)

Coproduced by TIM - Vinilkosmo © 2024

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Release of the digital EP 6 titles on 8 March 2024


In the spring of 2023, after a wonderful trip to Mexico, Colombia, and Guatemala, TIM proposed to Vinilkosmo the publication of the other four songs, which were still unpublished.

“This was the moment, and in general it was a year that required me to do my best, and although the process was slow, I am very happy to finally be able to present it to the public”, says Tim.

Using elements of psychedelic, indie-electronic and rock elements, TIM begins to form a new sound, heavily influenced by his life in Berlin and by his taste for experimentation, according to a personal meaning.

The creation process was a surprise, as each new sound that emerged seemed to flow perfectly with the songs, as if they were waiting to be expressed. This is the moment when the mind goes silent, you sit down to play, and in the blink of an eye, the songs sound better than you expected.

All the songs were written years ago, however the track Fino de la tempo has a special story by Liven Dek. Originally TIM wrote and produced four songs, and due to the lack of time before TIM was to start his next trip, Miguel Gutiérrez, who was his right hand in correcting and adapting the texts, provided lyrics of his own.

The idea was that if TIM managed to finish all the songs in time, he would produce one last song to complete the 6-track album. Thus was born one of the most liked songs played by TIM. A song with beautiful lyrics, which was originally written with the intention of being romantic and slow, but ended up being happier and at the same time melancholic.

2024 brings many new events and we hope to be able to gather again to celebrate, sing, and dance in summers of eternal nights and orange days. As TIM says: “The past is nostalgia, the future is exciting, and the present is the greatest escape artist ever seen. And that’s life, it’s not perfect, but that’s what makes it so special, life is beautiful, thank you Beautiful Life!”

In this TIM album there are:
Tim Gallego: author and composer, voice, guitars, keyboard, bass guitar, drum machine, musical arrangements, videos, processing of videos and photos.
Guest musician: Marcus Ganado on drums.

Text polishing: Miguel Gutiérrez
Text Fino de la tempo: Liven Dek

Recorded in TIM’s home studio in Berlin
Drums of Amorantoj recorded in the Berlin studio: Funkhaus Sound engineer: Nichola Shuman

Mixing and mastering: Triboulet in Studio de La Trappe in Donneville, Occitania - France

Cover art: Tim Gallego
Photos: Tim Gallego

2- Bela vivo

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