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Realeco - Mikel Klav - Niterói (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Coproduced by Mikel Klav / Vinilkosmo  CC BY 2   2023

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Release of the digital EP 7 titles on 6 january 2023


All the songs in the EP Realeco by Mikel Klav were recorded in his home studio in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. The mixing and mastering was done by Triboulet in Studio de la Trappe in Donneville, France with Vinilkosmo and artistic direction by Floréal Martorell.

The songs
1. “Diferencoj” is the artist’s first composition. It is about the differences between people in order for them to understand one another and find happiness so that humanity will be better.
2. “Brila stelo” is an homage to the Green Star of Esperanto. You can gaze at the heavens and imagine finding a green star, and believe that it can improve the world.
3. “Realeco” is the main song of the project, and was chosen as the album title. It is about people changing their behavior so that they can live another reality.
4. “Aerobus’” was created from a fictional book Nia hejmo, where beyond the world or in a spirit world there is a bus than can fly named Aerobus’. From there came the idea of composing a song with machine and outer space sounds, using electionic music which is the artists own style.
5. “Senbrida mond’” is in electronic and New Age styles. The song is about the confusing and unbridled society in which we live in the world, demanding a solution.
6. “Mia idolo Ĉarli Ĉaplin (Karleto estas...)” was inspired by the occasion where the artist participated in a state meeting in Rio de Janeiro in the year 2014, and saw the artist Tania Paixão playing the role of Charlie Chaplin, and the idea of this composition came a few days later.
7. “Ŝanĝo de l’ sezonoj” is the last song composed, and the idea for it came up during the pandemic, when many families lost some of their family members around the world; but can also relate to every kind of loss of beloved peope and their being missed.

Mikel Klav in this EP is:
Vocals, electronic vocals, song, and keyboards: Mikel Klav.
Musical arrangements: Mikel Klav. The entire album was arranged and constructed with modern virtual instruments: gitars, basse, special effects, samplers, drums, and drum machines.

Graphic art and album cover: Mikel Klav. Photo and AI-effects.
The photo was taken in the Fonseca Garden, Niterói, RJ; Brazil.

Text revision: Rikardo Cash. Special thanks and support: Vinilkosmo, Floréal Martorell, Triboulet, Kultura Kooperativo de Esperantistoj, Niterói Esperanto-Klubo, the Klav-band and family.
Music production: Mikel Klav and Vinilkosmo.

1- Realeco

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