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Vestiĝoj - Martin & la talpoj - Stockholm, Sweden

Coproduced by Martin & la talpoj / Vinilkosmo © 2023

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Release of the digital EP 6 titles on 10 may 2023


After a long break, due, among other things, to health problems and the Covid pandemic, Martin & la talpoj (Martin and the moles) returns in 2023 with the electric album Vestiĝoj (Vestiges), consisting of six titles in a recognizable style of emotional indie/alternative pop-rock.

As always, these are original works only with texts and music written and composed by Martin.

The songs on the album were recorded bit by bit over several years, mostly by Martin himself in his bedroom and for the first time he also did the mixing himself.

The other musicians are the two longtime collaborators Johan Lagerdahl (bass guitar) and Mattias Levin (drums), and in addition to them Nikko Harrison (drums), Robin Hawkins (bass guitar) and fellow Esperanto artist Eric Languillat/i.d.c. (synthesizer), who all recorded their parts at home or in rehearsal rooms.

Vestiĝoj is an electric album whose six tracks are played with a full rock band. According to plans, it will be followed by an acoustic album whose recording has already started.

In this EP Martin & la talpoj are:
Texts and music: Martin & la talpoj.

Martin: Guitars, bass, tambourine, handclaps and vocals
Mattias Levin: Drums on tracks #1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Johan Lagerdahl: Bass in songs #3 and 4
Eric Languillat: Synthesizers on song #3
Robin Hawkins: Bass on song #1
Nikko Harrison: drums on song #6

Recorded by the various participants at their homes in Stockholm, Sigtuna, Offenbach and Bristol.

Mixed by Martin from his bedroom in Stockholm.

Mastered by Triboulet at Studio de la Trappe, Donneville, Occitania/France.

Graphic art and album cover: Max Elbo.

3- Vestiĝoj

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