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EP 5 titles - 17:34 mn, Available in MP3 – 320 Kb/s - OGG - FLAC - streaming formats

Memorante Gondolandon - Korvaks – Auckland (New Zealand)

Produced by Korvaks © 2021

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Release of the digital EP 5 titles on 11 june 2021



Korvaks wanted to write a song in Esperanto, but Korvaks doesn’t sing. Being a fan of plunderphonics, he knew that wasn’t an issue, but what would he use for source material?
Then he remembered Mazi en Gondolando, a film which he had used to help learn Esperanto. So he watched it, again and again, and then he started to sample it. His first samples eventually became “Komputilo”, the first track on Memorante Gondolandon. The original plan was just one song, but just like the computer in Mazi en Gondolando, he could not stop. More ideas sprang to mind, and before he knew it he had enough for an EP. However, that wasn’t enough, one task remained: permission for the plundered phonics.

Speaking with the copyright holder, Korvaks discovered that Mazi en Gondolando, the Esperanto translation of Muzzy in Gondoland, was an unauthorised production. The copyright holder never granted permission for the reproduction. However, after reviewing Memorante Gondonlandon, the rights holder kindly allowed Korvaks to use the material provided that it was offered at no cost.

And so we present Memorante Gondolandon, five songs of electronic music for your enjoyment, free of charge.

Muzzy in Gondoland used with permission from DMP and BBC. (Visit

Vocals: The cast of Mazi en Gondolando
Instrument programming: Korvaks
Mixing and mastering: Korvaks
EP cover graphics: Korvaks
Music video : Korvaks

Maybe you read the above and think that Korvaks has no friends. You would be right, but don’t concern yourself. Korvaks is happiest when alone in his computer room with his computer.

The cast of Mazi en Gondolando is:
Jerzy Jakubowski
Andrzej Tomecski
Kalina Pieńkiewicz
Krystyna Konzanecka
Mieczysław Morański
Jerzy Fornal
Kazimierz Mazur
Barbara Pietrzak
Andrzej Pettyn

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