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La Espero sambas - Rafael Milhomem – Catalão (Goias, Brazil)

Coproduction Rafael Milhomem/ Muniz/Vinilkosmo © 2021

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Release of the digital Single on 13 august 2021


This is not the first time Rafael Milhomem recorded the Esperanto hymn “La Espero”, written by the initiator of Esperanto, Dr. L.L. Zamenhof, and put to music by Félicien Menu de Ménil. he recorded it in his previous album, Flugantaj melodioj, where he recorded it in a marching rhythm. The idea to record this new version came from his friend Maria Aparecida da Silva of the Bona Volo Institute. She asked him to think about an “interesting interpretation, i.e. music that would be pleasing to Esperanto-speakers of all ages”. He immediately imagined the most Brazilian of rhythms, the samba. He thought to use the cavaquinho, the instrument that is the symbol of that musical genre. And since Esperanto belongs equally to all peoples, he decided to give his Brazilian accent to that important piece of the Esperanto repertory. Therefore, he prepared the instrumental version for the cavaquinho, and afterwards he also got the idea to add vocals, and also make a karaoke version so that everyone can sing along!

He first thought of giving the formal title “Himno de esperanto en ritmo de sambo” (“The Esperanto Hymn in Samba Rhythm”), but his friend Floréal Martorell came up with the genial title “Esperanto sambas” (i.e. “Esperanto goes samba”). Rafael totally and immediately consented.

To help him in the recording, he called his friend Muniz from the band BaRok-Projekto to play the guitar, and his blood-brother, the clever musician João Fernandes to play the seven-cord guitar. To complete the team, he invited his friend, already well-known in the Esperanto world, Flávio Fonseca, of the Brazila Kolekto, who made valuable contributions with his voice.

In this single is:
Rafael Milhomem: cavaquinho (rhythm and melody), percussions and arrangements
Flávio Fonseca: vocals
Muniz: guitar and percussions
João Fernandes: Seven-cord guitar

Mixing and Masterirng: Muniz
Producing: Milhomem/Muniz

Cover art: Milhomusic Produções

3- La Espero sambas

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