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Informations about the esperanto  label VINILKOSMO 
Vinilkosmo exclusively produces, publishes, and distributes bands and singers from the entire world who sing in Esperanto in all possible musical styles (rock, folk, pop, trad, world music, punk, hardcore, electronic music, reggae, ska, hip-hop, etc.). 
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For more news on our artists and on music in Esperanto, go to the pages of our Artists' Data Base and the EUROKKA pages at http://artista.ikso.net/eurokka
Vinilkosmo is also a music center with a group of practice studios where local rock bands can practice, as well as a recording studio for Esperantist musicians and others, in association with Studio de la Trappes. 
More information on Vinilkosmo's blogs at :  https://www.vinilkosmo-mp3.com/en/blog.html or http://vinilkosmo.ipernity.com
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