Metala Kompilo

The Metal Compilation Project is on hold…

Important information:
Three metal album projects independant of the Compilation are in preparation within Vinilkosmo’s Subscription Campaign (Krio de Morto, Supernova, and baRok-Projekto).

We invite you to support these projects in diverse metal styles by subscribing at:                                    

About the Metala Kompilo

Dears Metal lovers,

As you should already know, Vinilkosmo lauched its first compilation in 1990, and since then created a whole series of compilations in very diversified styles (Vinilkosmo-Kompil’ Vol. 1 & 2, Kolekto 2000, Esperanto Subgrunde, Elektronika Kompilo) thanks to the contribution and participation of numerous artists and collaborators.

In 2006 Vinilkosmo launched a metal compilation project. But this project was put aside for four years because of the lack of contributions. Today the hard and metal rock scene has developed, more artists have appeared, and therefore we decided to start this project up again and finally make it happen.

This is our new challenge! We are restarting this new compilation project whose goal is to present metal music in Esperanto.

There are several metal artists, but so far none of them have had the courage to record a CD album.

That is why we had the idea to effectuate a compilation in this modern musical style.

In this compilation, we would like to present the most diverse styles of metal (heavy metal, death metal, doom metal, metal core, symphonic metal, power metal, etc.), and we invite you to participate in this mad project which we hope to accomplish thanks to your high-quality contributions.

We count on you to participate in this ambitious project.

If you already contacted us when we started up our initial project, then please contact us again to update your data.

If by any chance you should know other artists who could be interested in our project, please send them this message. They can contact us  vinilkosmo at

The two items below are a temporary demonstration and only for listening. They are not downloadable – don’t try to buy them now!

Thank you for your understanding.

Flo, Rogener, and Kubof

Metala Kompilo

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