album ref.: VKKD130-066
11-title album – 53:43 mn
Available in MP3 – 320 Kb/s and OGG formats
Sovaĝa animo - BaRok-Projekto – Catalão (Goias, Brazil)
Co-produced by Marco Aquilino/BaRok-Projekto/Vinilkosmo © 2016

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Release of the digital album on 13 july 2016
Release of the album CD on 26 september in Brazil and  same here !


The album Sovaĝa animo (wild soul) (2016) calls on the gods of the Brazilian Tupí mythology in a sonic ritual, and offers strong chants, powerful voices, heavy music, and attractive texts.
Produced by the expert Marco Aquilino and mastered in France by Triboulet in Studio de la Trappe, this conceptual album reflects our heritage and presents a part of the huge Brazilian pantheon.
For this new work the band invited some special guests: Marlon Baco of the band Volúpia di Baco who participated in the track "Reĝino de la nokto"; tenor Wesley Sousa in the chorus of "Tauba kaj Kerana"; Miguel Brasil keyboardist in the tracks "Kaapora" and "Droniga pasio"; Rikardo Cash the narrator of "Antaŭparolo de prapatra kaciko".

The cover art and the booklet were made by the talented hands of Carlos Fides (Artside, who had already created art for the bands Edu Falaschi, Evergrey, Narnia, Oficina G3, etc.).

In Sovaĝa animo, BaRok-Projekto shows the world what they do best: heavy and elegant pieces of music with some classical and folk music in a wonderful presentation. The album contains 11 titles.

BaRok-Projekto in this album are:
Karliene Araújo
– voice
Rafael Milhomem
– electric guitar, recorder, melodica, keyboard, cavaquinho, and percussion
– acoustic and electric guitars, keyboard, and chorus
Thiago Alberto
– bass guitar
Junior Nieri
– drums

Marlon Baco
– voice in the title "Reĝino de la nokto"
Rikardo Cash
– narration in the title "Antaŭparolo de prapatra kaciko"
Marco Aquilino
– guitar solo in the title "Tauba kaj Kerana"
Wesley Souza
– tenor and bass in the title "Tauba kaj Kerana"
Miguel Brasil
– keyboard in the titles "Droniga pasio" and "Kaapora"

Mastering: Triboulet (Studio of La Trappe) in Donneville, Okcitania / France
Recording and mixing: Marco Aquilino (MStúdio) in Brazil
Text revision: Rikardo Cash
Photo: Helton Rocha
Cover and composition: Carlos Barbosa (Artside)

2- Sovaĝa animo

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