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Official release of ĴeLe's fourth album, "Stacioj de l'amo" (Sations of love), february 13, 2024

Official release of ĴeLe's fourth album, Stacioj de l'amo (Sations of love), february 13, 2024.


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Stacioj de l'amo (Stations of Love) is released just in time for Valentine’s Day.

It is the fifth album of ĴeLe, released on CD in 2020 with a content of 16 songs.

In the album Stacioj de l'amo Lena ollected songs about love from different years (between 1987 and 2020). An album dedicated to a mother, to a daughter "Mia steleto" (My little star) and to Esperanto "Esperanto-lando" (Esperanto country).

Amourous experiences will accompany you in all the other songs!

Stacioj de l'amo reappears in the usual digital formats available at Vinilkosmo by clicking here

and as well as on the usual streaming platforms...


If you still don't know the duo ĴeLe go to the artist page here

The official music video is coming soon...

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