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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Song lyrics in mp3 files at Vinilkosmo!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:   Song lyrics in mp3 files at Vinilkosmo !

Ekrano WMP900px
Screenshot from Windows Media Player (with lyrics)

On our Vinilkosmo label, song lyrics can be found in the audio files themselves, as metadata, and while listening to the music they can be viewed with many music programs/apps

- but unfortunately not with all

The simplest solution is to use the Windows Media Player program for mp3 files. Please note, this is not a default Windows 10 program with a similar name, but another program, which is most often found in Windows itself, but otherwise it can be downloaded at .

             WMP Ikono94px

Windows Media Player ICON

Another option is to use the versatile VLC-Videolan program, downloadable from                                                                 VLC IconSmall

                                                                   VLC icon


Ekrano VLC900px
Screenshot from VLC (with lyrics)

- or other programs such as MediaMonkey, iTunes, JetAudio, KMPlayer, Quicktime, Foobar2000, Winamp, Music Bee, etc.
(Attention, on VLC you will find the text in the menu line "tools - environment information - metadata - scroll down").

Use this option and see the song lyrics while you listen to the music!

Sing along!

                                                                                                                                                 Co-written by László Szilvási and Floréal Martorell.


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