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GROUPS on the "ESPERANTO SUBGRUNDE 2" compilation (11 to 23)

11- La Bleka Forfikulo kaj Siaj Orelboristoj 

La Bleka Forfikulo400

One fine day in the Autumn of 1987 (?) I met an indescribable creature in the charming village of Fontetoj, quite south of Esperantoland. In fact, that creature was much more human than my words might suggest. First, because only human beings with a true heart can speak Esperanto. And he spoke in Esperanto! A raw Esperanto, of course, an occasional wrong Esperanto, but Esperanto nonetheless!

He introduced himself to me as being La Forfikulo (the Fucker Off)! Because he wanted to fuck out of our world every bastard who pollutes it! Before being an Esperantist, he was a rocker. And with a sharp rock he thought to reach his goal.

In that blessed time, he had just met with other rock lovers and was looking for a place that could withstand loud rock music! That's exactly what I had at the time, a place where the then unknown French rock band Panique au Paddock was working on their own music. Wolfgang, their bandleader and regretted friend of mine, permitted La Forfikulo and his gang members to use the site.

Of course, it was necessary to define the scheduling, because obviously the two bands could not play at the same place. In fact, there was no real impossibility there and in the end it turned out to be much easier than we feared!

The real problem was that the new Esperanto rock band was much noisier than the French one. La Forfikulo really bored out our poor ears. When I pointed this out to him, instead of grumbling rudely or burning angrily, his face calmed down and lit up with a joyful smile that not even the mildest angels would be able to.
That left me speechless, speechless, completely speechless, my eyes growing like two round loose.

"You are Genius", he suddenly exclaimed, "Thank you very much!"

Suddenly I felt liquid, as if I had become the most edible, the most edible, and finally the most edible verses of four rondelles by Rabelais talking about mountains of custards! Maybe the fact that he did say "Genius", with a capital and no article, and not "a genius", as I would have expected, may have led to my stupidity.
Maybe, too, I saw myself, later, spending many hours explaining the subtle difference to him. "Genius" can be a kind of divine being or a fabulous creature, such as a genie coming out of an oil lamp when it is rubbed, as in the accounts of "A Thousand and One Nights". "Genius" is also the mental ability to invent extraordinary creations. While "a genius" is only the guy who is capable of that Genius!

Just as suddenly understanding my misunderstanding, he explained: "You're a genius! You've just figured out the right name for our band!"

A time ... A time when not even the flies buzzed, a time during which even the quietest passing angels were completely silent and did not pass at all ... A great time after which I finally understood, feeling like flying on a pink cloud, that he really thought me a divine being, a being like his good genius genius, creating only for him his dearest desire!

"So we're going to be called La Bleka Forfikulo kaj siaj Orelboristoj.'

I will not tell you the tumultuous roaring noise that then exploded from the throats of the so-called Orelboristoj! The noise coming out of their musical instruments, however, was much more bearable. And only then did I stop flying, only then did I fall back to the ground ...

Unfortunately, I never knew where they came from or where they went off too. Maybe they went back to the past?

Maybe one fine Autumn day I'll hear them knock on my door?



12- Manifesto Jukebox

Manifesto Jukebox

Manifesto Jukebox was a Finnish punk rock band that was active between 1998 and 2008. Their raw but melodic guitar-dominant sound and social commentary lyrics quickly caught the interest of the world-wide grassroots punk scene.

In the year 2000 the band released their debut album "Desire", which became a classic in the genre. During those studio sessions, the band also recorded an Esperanto version of the album's latest song: "I just smile when your plan falls apart".

After the release of the English-language album, Manifesto Jukebox toured extensively around Europe. Their next album, "Remedy", was released by the Los Angeles-based Better Youth Organization in 2002.

Tours followed in Japan, the United States, and Europe. Having achieved more or less everything on the self-production scene, the band became less active.

Manifesto Jukebox released one more album, Strain, in 2006 and disbanded in 2008.

The former members maintain their friendship and continue to randomly reactivate themselves for private events.


13- Pendumito

Lukas pendumito400         Pendumito rubando r400

Photo: Lukaso


PENDUMITO is a punk-hardcore band from Poland that, in its work, tries to spread libertarian and pro-Esperanto ideas. The music was recorded in March-August 2003 and released independently by the band. PENDUMITO's music is a mix of fast and sharp crustal punk with elements of metal.

The band consisted of three musicians - Elvis, Szcsur and Lukas.

The main ideolog was Lukas, who played the guitar and wrote lyrics. His songs were in Polish and Esperanto - against capitalist politics and against the supremacy of the English language.


And the group fully supported the Esperanto movement among Polish undergrounders.


14- Penis Canina  
Penis Canina400

Penis Canina was founded in 2013 in Ivanovo (Russia).
The core members were: Vladimir (also known as Jan Ali Sin) - guitar (punk band Frakasi), Alexei - voice (noise projects "Noise Jihad", "Thermionic Emission" etc.) and Max - drum (grindcore band Death Before Revolution), but a number of concerts and recordings were played with additional musicians.

At first it was all chaotic noisecore with textless screams, but quickly it evolved into a raw grindcore with songs in various languages - German, Czech, Estonian, Swahili, English and Esperanto - because all the people were interested in languages and cultures; two of the members were Esperantists - Vladimir and Max.

Penis Canina broke up in 2014. During their activity the band released a number of noisecore splits and performed with Sete Star Sept (Japan), Bestial Vomit (Italy), I Know (Belarus), Kroveled, Pissdeads, and others.



15- Piĉismo

pichismo400   pichismo logoblack400

Piĉismo, is a Ukrainian punk rock band. They call their genre "Esperantocore".

The group was formed in January 1993 in Tsiouroupynsk, southern Ukraine, by Gleb Maltsev (howls and ideology) and Roman "Malthus" Maltsev (guitar). Sergei Tarasevitch (other guitar).


Piĉismo has an extensive discography and a long history of changes in composition.

The group is led by Gleb Maltsev, who currently resides in Kaunas, Lithuania.


16- Pixamandúrries (Piŝamandurjes)

Pixamandurries1r400     Pixamandurries logo 2 400


Pixamandúrries was a rural punk band from Empordà (Catalonia) from the late 80s, some of its members came from a group called Mioks with which they recorded a demo.

Pixamandúrries was active between 1989 and 1995. Throughout their career, they gave several concerts in Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands and also in France and Germany.

They released the album "Quina vida" (Picap, 1991), a self-produced demo entitled "L'any dels gossos" (1993) and the single "Tierra i Libertad" in support of the EZLN, edited by Captain Swing, Tralla Records and El Lokal, and songs in various compilations (among them Vinilkosmo-Kompil' Vol.1).

Pixamandúrries' last concert was in 1995. The last members of the group were Kinty (drums), Cuco (vocals, gralla and bongos), Xevi (guitar), Joni (bass) and Pine (guitar).

25 years later in 2020 the group reformed to record an album entitled "Dels rics i dels pobres" (The Rich and the Poor) published by Kasba Music SL, with the half Esperanto, half Catalan title "Tempiĝas Temp' "


17- Platano & Sparky Riot (Platano kaj Sparka Ribelo)

Platano Sparky Riot400


Platano (a former member of La Pafklik) partnered with Sparky Riot to record a ska-punk dub version of "Baldaŭ" for Esperanto Subgrunde 2.

Triboulet (a former member of Skawar) joined the project and brought additional music arrangements that punkized the song, and he masterfully remixed the whole thing…

«Baldaŭ», or how to have hope when the world seems to have no more.

Internationalists, Sparky Riot and Platano evoke battles around the world and the ability of peoples to open barriers of possibility. "Soon we will dance on the graves in the cemetery of the old world."



 18- René Binamé

Biname chapiteau 1                  

René Binamé is a Belgian group born in 1988.

They play anarcho-punk songs with incisive lyrics, nuanced by electro-sounds and with a free-punk trend.

René Binamé lets his engaged songs be transformed according to humor and atmosphere, into noisy poetic walks, into collective trances, hypnotic lullabies or ... into engaged, tender and fiery songs.
For the song "Julie 1936":

With the kind permission of the Esperanto adaptation of the publishing house:
Edito-Musiques - Noir Coquelicot (Serge Utge-Royo)




19- Rezistanco



The group was founded in the autumn of 2010 in Tuchkovo (Russia) by the punks Diagen and Semyon.They were later joined by another student, Diagena Valkyrie.

Initially the group was called "Sekt (A)".

Shortly afterwards in 2011 the group decided to add an Esperanto choir to their repertoire, the name was translated into Esperanto and since then the band has been called Rezistanco.

Members of the group in different periods were ...
Diagen - song, bass, lyrics (since 2010)
Semyon - drums (2010-2012)
Valkyrie - guitar (2010-2011)
Rad Panther - backing vocals (summer 2011 - fall 2012)
Plumpinto - guitar (summer 2011 - March 2012)
Alex - guitar (March-April 2012)
Nataska Skapendra - drums (February - July 2012)
Mauser - guitar, backing vocals (July - December 2012)
Gnome - drums (August - December 2012)
Play - double bass, backing vocals (October - December 2012)
xEZHx - drums (since 2013)
Anonimus Z - guitar (November-December 2014)
Trava - guitar (since December 2014)



20- Ruĝa Espero

   Ruĝa Espero definitiva logotipo r400      rugxa Espero rcr400

A punk-rock band from Leningrad that sings in Esperanto and Russian.

In Esperanto because it is neutral, in Russian because it is the language of the revolution.
Singing is a struggle against global capitalism, Marxism and anti-fascism.

The band is constantly changing, but the main character remains the same -  Alexei Stslastiv.



 21- SocialZero

SocialEzro cr400   SocialZero logo400

It's a grindcore/powerviolence band from Reutov, Russia, (2010-2012).

The first concert took place in April 2010 with members from Jedkij, Sakhar and Jashcher. The band did a lot of gigs and recorded 2 live demos. After that, there were two changes in the group, and an additional demo and 2 splits were released, both after the group broke up.

Yedky - bass (2010-2011), voice
Sakhar - guitar (2010-2011)
Jashcer - drum set
Igorj - bass (2011)
Murzik - guitar (2011-2012)
Sasha Sashin - bass (2012)



22- Stomachal Corrosion (Stomaka Korodo)

Stomaka korodo r400   Stomaka korodo logo400

The grindcore band Stomachal Corrosion started up in January 1991. It is based in Minas Gerais in Brazil. They have often performed in various Brazilian cities.

Stomaka Korodo appears in the first volume of Esperanto Sungrunde but also in 4 other various shared CDs and compilations, and has recorded a full CD album.


After a few changes, the group has been established since 2014 with these members:

- Saul Eustachius - voice
- Charlie Curcio - guitar
- Hash Golem - bass
- Fred Catarino - drum

The phonogram "Mi ne kurbiĝu" was provided by Cogumelo Records.

O fonograma “Mi Ne Kurbiĝu” foi cedido pela gravadora Cogumelo Records.



23- Tiu ne Gravas (Es Lo De Menos)

Tiu Ne Gravas400

Tiu Ne Gravas (TNG)  was born in January 2015.

It was formed as a Spanish-language music group, but in March of the same year the members decided to convert all their lyrics into Esperanto. At that time, Lautaro Croce translated his songs and then, in June, they recorded those new Esperanto songs.

The band's style consists of a mix of alternative rock genres such as Rock Stoner, Punk Rock and Metal Rock.

The band is based in Mendoza, Argentina and is also known as Es Lo De Menos (ELDM).

- Singer: Leonardo Visaguirre
- Guitarist: Enzo Caleri
- Bassist: Santiago Fernandez
- Drummer: Lautaro Croce

- Leonardo Visaguirre
- Lautaro Croce.


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