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Official release of the album "Kien vi iros?" by Rafael Milhomem - World Music

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Official release at Vinilkosmo on January 17th, 2020  of the digital album Kien vi iros? by Rafael Milhomem.

After the first digital album Flugantaj melodioj (2018) - with classical guitar and cavaquinho, Rafael Milhomem returns with this surprising new album.

Kien vi iros? is the title of his brand-new digital album! It is not easy to define its style. If you need to classify it, it could be in "world music". It is a conceptual and instrumental work which allows the imagination to travel around the whole world without moving from home, by the power of the mind increased tenfold by music and reading.

The album transports us to various parts of the world: we visit the African continent with the title Al Afriko. We will cross Asia with Al Ĉinio, Al Barato, and Al Persujo (present-day Iran). In Europe, we will visit Portugal with the title Al Portugalio. We will also visit South America with a special highlight with Brazilian music from various regions.. En Eŭropo, ni vizitos Portugalion per la titolo Al Portugalio. Ni vizittos ankaux sudamerikon  kun aparta reliefigo per brazila muziko el diversaj regionoj.

The album also presents the famous song "Hejmo", from a poem by the poet Marjorie Boulton, music by Rafael Milhomem, sung by BaRok-Projekto singer Karliene Araujo, and with the contribution of Muniz. It evokes a rather heavy and catastrophic atmosphere, to which havy metal suits very well ...


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Al Sudorienta Brazilo


Al Persujo



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