Release of the Digital album "Nenifar '" by Gijom' Armide at VINILKOSMO.

Nenifar Gijom Armide 500

Official release on November 5 at Vinilkosmo of the digital album Nenifar' by Gijom' Armide.

It is also the first album released under the CC BY 2  (Creative Commons) license on the Vinilkosmo label, thus opening the way for new projects under these types of licenses.

Gijom 'Armide presented his first concert in the world of Esperanto in 2009 during the FESTO festival in Germany. This was the beginning of a long series of concerts with the well-known supporters of EUROKKA and Vinilkosmo, Varsovia Vento, IJF (Italian Esperanto Youth), and others.


In 2011, Gijom' launched a Crowdfunding campaign to record the album Nenifar' and he went into studio in 2012 ... then Gijom' released the self-produced album in 2015.

Nenifar' deals with social issues such as feminism ("La plej granda"), polyamory ("Amu rin"), nudity ("Nuda"), and more personal issues such as yearning for someone missing ("Mankas vi"), romantic relationships ("Amo kaj Asfalto", "La postrompiĝa temp' ", "Eĉ se ne amen"…), and the terrible feeling we have all had when a friend looses his beautiful curls ("Viaj bukloj")!!


The digital album is available on the Vinilkosmo music platform for download as of now, 5/11/2019 at: (click on the image below)


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