Two major new album projects in preparation at VINILKOSMO

1st Project:
Blua horizonto

kjara guitaro500 Photo: Ivan Tiraferri

The Italian song-writer Kjara (Chiara Raggi) has recorded and already started to mix her first Esperanto album, Blua horizonto (Blue Horizon).

Gianfranco Molle, Renato Corsetti, and Michela Lipari, among others, have helped this project with their collaboration.
Album produced by Musica di Seta and Fei - Italian Esperantist Federation.

The album will be released on CD and digitally by Vinilkosmo, for the Easter weekend in April 2019, at the latest.

A new voice and a new style has come to enrichen the Esperanto musical culture!

Are you ready?



2nd project:
News of the album project ESPERO

Visuel CD HD 400pxi Photo : François Mouren-Provensal

The album project we announced in Vinilkosmo's December 2017 newsletter with a special musical arrangement of "La Espero", resurfaced with a new musical team, and we are very happy about it.

Enriched by the arrangements made by Jean-Claude ROGER, author and composer, the Esperanto hymn will be performed by a philharmonic orchestra (15 musicians) directed by Philippe ALLEGRINI. It will be sung by Vanessa PONT, professional singer from the Conservatoire de Nice. Recognized in the world of opera, she is also distinguished in the world of song that she particularly likes.

In addition to the reorchestrated version of "La Espero", the album will include a dozen songs translated and adapted in Esperanto, including an original Esperanto song by the author Miguel Gutiérrez.

For the realization of this project, which will be coproduced and realized in collaboration with the Fédération Espéranto-Provence, with the support of Esperanto-France and Vinilkosmo, which will publish and distribute the album, a subscription by crowdfunding has just been launched on KissKissBankBank.

You can register on the project site to support it:

Or go directly to the crowdfunding site:

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