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"Kajto flugas" the 7th album of Kajto available at VINILKOSMO

Kajto flugas - Nova albumo de Kajto


This is no less than the seventh CD by the Kajto duo, one of the oldest acts in our catalog, having begun in 1989, but still as energetic and inventive as ever, not to say more so.

“Kajto Flugas” (The Kite Flies) was presented for the first time during the World Esperanto Congress in Lille, France, in July 2015, with 14 new songs out of 15, with a cover of “Mi memoras”, now a real classic, to spice everything up.

Canon arrangements, mixing the voices of experienced Esperantists with those of fresh-baked ones, carry the lyrical flights of various poets, as profound as funny, to new heights.

A plethora of instruments, including accordion, banjo, harmonica, cittern, guitar, concertina, bass, mandolin, synthesizer, and shawm, crystallize the past and present, affirming the timelessness of the Universal Language’s message with force.

What more to say if not that this album is one you simply cannot ignore, should collect or offer as a gift, but mostly, listen to all the time!

The cD album "Kajto flugas" available at VINILKOSMO shop:

The digital album "Kajto flugas" Available download (MP3 kaj ogg) at:

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