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Fine discovery and pleasure with the digital album Tro, early for the year-end holidays!

Tro Ale kaj Vojagho 250

Alejandro Cossavella, better known as Ale Kosabela, wrote the songs for the new album Tro. They were sung accompanied on the guitar, around campfires, until Jean-Claude Patalano and the group Vojaĝo produced them in France.
This new album was born from this collaboration, with also a large international artistic participation (from Argentina, Brazil, France, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Bosnia-Denmark), to be officially launched on January 12th, 2019.

However, Vinilkosmo presents it here early, before the year-end celebrations, for the most faithful supporters and fans of Esperanto music...

We wish you a pleasant discovery of Tro !

We also take the opportunity to invite you to read the Vinilkosmo Newsletter #44 of december that you can find here:

A revolution occured in 1986 in the Esperanto community, with the first international rock band singing original texts in Esperanto: AMPLIFIKI, made up of members from Sweden, Denmark, and France.

Now here's the digital edition of their first album Tute ne gravas, with the same music but with new musical raiments.

Tute Ne Gravas Amplifiki 500

Discover or rediscover this gamechanging work of Esperanto musical culture.

The digital album officially appears on VINILKOSMO's music platform on the 8th of October 2018, and at the same time on the streaming platform Divercities Music (ex-1D touch), accessible through the ABONKLUBO ).

As of today, visit the artist page to discover the group: 

And the album page to discover, listen to excerpts, or buy the album on:


Teaser video directed by Kim J: henriksen.


varbilo Flugantaj melodioj

Flugantaj melodioj is a new album of classical guitar and cavaquinho in Esperanto by the Brazilian artist Rafael Milhomem.

The digital album officially appears on the Vinilkosmo music platform on Friday, July 13, 2018 and on the platform of fair trade streaming Divercities Music (ex-1D touch) on July 18th. But it is already available for you now, if you go to visit the page of the artist to find out:

and the album page to discover and listen in extracts the contents of the album by clicking here:

We also invite you to watch the video presentation of the album, which Rafael has made for you.

Single Esperanto ou tard Morice Benin250px
Today, July 21st, 2018, official release at Vinilkosmo of the French digital single "Espéranto ou tard" by singer Morice Benin.

This song appears here thanks to the collaboration of SAT-Amikaro (who funded the recording) and independent labels Fanal and Vinilkosmo. This single is available in mp3, ogg and flac formats here:

and in fair trade streaming on the streaming platform DivercitesMusic (formerly 1D touch, through the ABONKLUBO) on: (label page) Artist page :

Digital reissue of the album "Muzikpluvo" by Akordo

Muzikpluvo Akordo25054


ref. VKKD012


 Choir a capella

Digital album 27 titles - 50:00 mn


Release of the digital album on 20 april 2018

Muzikpluvo is a CD released in 1996 with a capella songs in Esperanto by the Dutch choral group Akordo. For this CD, Akordo mainly chose medieval and folk songs from its repertoire. The CD contains more than twenty songs from different countries and eras, as well as an original Esperanto song. All songs on the CD are in Esperanto, often translated specifically for Akordo. After a long period when the CD was sold out, it was rereleased in 2005 by Roel Haveman. And in April 2018 Vinilkosmo released the digital version of the album, adding two more songs from other discs: "Venko venko" in the Vinilkosmo-Kompil ' Vol. 2 (1996), and "La espero" on a CD in the manual Esperanto - grammatica met oefeningen (1999). This digital re-edition will allow a new audience to discover it, and fans of the old album of choral singing to rediscover it. But, like good wine, it always gives pleasure!

To listen to or order the album go here:

To see the biography of the artist:


To listen to the album in Fair trade Streaming on 1D touch:


 To listen to the Esperanto album in streaming we recommend to subscribe to the ABONKLUBO in order to access the platform of fair trade streaming 1D touch:  



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