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La Kompanoj kantas Brel en esperanto

La Kompanoj Kantas Brel 250

“La Kompanoj kantas Brel en esperanto” 

ref. VKKD133-070

La Kompanoj


CD 13 titles + booklet 16 pages and Digital album - 46:26 mn

The Compagnie Double Un, Esperanto Gironde, Vinilkosmo, and La Kompanoj are proud to annonce the release of their new album:

La Kompanoj kantas Brel en esperanto

It all began during the SAT-Amikaro Congress in 2004, where FaMo, author-composer, singer, and accordionist, well known among the Esperantists, and Patrik and Franswaz, pillars of the Compagne Double Un. The Esperantists have probably met these last two during some congress or other in the years 2005-2010, with their repetroire of popular world songs, and perhaps they also know their CD, Sen lim' ĝis, that won a prize at the Belarta Konkurso in 2010. A great friendship was born, and these three musicians have worked together regularly, be it for the Compagnie Double Un's recordings, or for FaMo's personal projects.

During the "Nacia Vespero" of the 100th World Esperanto Congress in Lille, France, the group La Kompanoj performed a musical show entitled "Brell inter la gigantoj", in which FaMo sang five of Jacques Brell's songs. They noticed that no album of the famous Belgian singer existed en Esperanto. Great fans of Brell, they decided to repair that lack. Two of the Kompanoj in particular followed FaMo and his accordion in this adventure: Bernard Legeay, sousaphone, and Pierre Bouvier, voice, banjo, and guitar. They assembled some twenty translations, by Marcel Redoulez and other translators.

A few months ago, FaMo asked the Compagnie Double Un for logistic help in bringing this project to fruition. The CD was recorded in the Compagnie Double Un's studio with Patrik Delaby, and the administrative part was accomplished by Franswaz Rochette. They received the authorization from the rightholders for thirteen songs.

The birth of this album is a tribute to one of the greatest French language singers of the 20th Century. All this was made possible mostly thanks to subscriptions, gifts, and support of the Esperanto Mouvement.

The album was released on the 22nd of March 2018, which is also the 50th anniversary of the Spring Events in France in 1968.

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Release of "Jen nia Viv-River'" by BaRok-Projekto


Today, on the occasion of the Esperanto Day, Vinilkosmo officially released the digital EP Jen nia Viv-River'  by the Brazilian power metal group BaRok-Projekto.

barok Jen nia Viv River500

The objective of this 6-title EP is to announce the full album the group is preparing, and which will be released in the middle of 2016 (for the World Esperanto Congress). Jen nia Viv-River' is available now for downloading on the Vinilkosmo platform.

Artist Page:

EP Page:

It will also be available soon on the fair trade steaming platform 1D touch, by subscribing to Vinilkosmo ABONKLUBO:

“Planedo nia”
ref. VKKD132-067AB

Artist: Vojaĝo
World jazz– Bossa jazz – Latin jazz

Double CD 24 titles (esperanto-french) - 92:30 mn + booklet 12 pages

Planedo nia 250
Vojaĝo in Esperanto is pronounced "vo-YA-jo". It is the story of friendship among six musicians from Toulouse, the Pink City in Occitania. United by a common passion for Latin music and jazz, these "travelers from the South" forge compositions with the spontaneity, exaltation, and warmth of the South. The band Vojaĝo is also characterized by the desire to put art at the service of right causes, such as the respect of the environment and friendship between human beings thanks to Esperanto.

Vojaĝo performed in concert for the first time in front of an Esperanto audience during the 100th World Congress of Esperanto at the Palais des Congrès in Lille in July 2015.

Vojaĝo's first double album entitled Planedo nia (our planet) includes 12 songs sung in Esperanto on the first CD, and in French on the second. On these discs, Vojaĝo gives a vibrant homage to the Earth that gave birth to life and gives humanity all that it possesses without counting. Yet "the Earth is in pain", because something has disturbed its fragile equilibrium: this is Vojaĝo's statement from the first title and, besides the climatic caprices, there is still as much misery. Fortunately music is here to offer a moment of respite to those who despair, music is here to denounce injustice and appease fate, music is here to make us realize that the world can be beautiful despite misery, thanks to friendship, love, dance, dreams.
It will nevertheless be necessary to think of doing something to avoid the "Blues of the seasons" coming to numb our hearts.

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“La Granda Aventuro” 
ref. VKLD001

Alternative Pop – electro pop – pop

10-title LP Vinyl album - 37:00 mn

La Granda Aventuro Kovrilo250
i.d.c.. (inicialoj dc/initials dc) is a musical project founded by Éric Languillat in 2003 and based in Frankfurt am Main (Germany).

Five years after Signoj de viv', i.d.c. returns with La Granda Aventuro, their third album entirely in Esperanto.
The fans of the project will be glad to find the welcomed half-upbeat, half-melancholic atmosphere, and travel in a colorful pop world where each song is another musical star that the artist invites us to explore, leading the listeners with his well-recognisable voice and metaphor-rich texts. The arrangements and mixing of this album have been refined as never before, and the professional production (including the cover!) will surely satisfy the music fans inside and outside the Esperanto community.

With three all-Esperanto albums already (Urbano, Signoj de viv’, La Granda Aventuro) and the presentation of several high quality videos on the web, i.d.c. has been acknowledged as an original and valuable music video art project.

Important: the vinyl disc includes a coupon to download the digital album.

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 Teaser video:

"Kajto flugas" the 7th album of Kajto available at VINILKOSMO

Kajto flugas - Nova albumo de Kajto


This is no less than the seventh CD by the Kajto duo, one of the oldest acts in our catalog, having begun in 1989, but still as energetic and inventive as ever, not to say more so.

“Kajto Flugas” (The Kite Flies) was presented for the first time during the World Esperanto Congress in Lille, France, in July 2015, with 14 new songs out of 15, with a cover of “Mi memoras”, now a real classic, to spice everything up.

Canon arrangements, mixing the voices of experienced Esperantists with those of fresh-baked ones, carry the lyrical flights of various poets, as profound as funny, to new heights.

A plethora of instruments, including accordion, banjo, harmonica, cittern, guitar, concertina, bass, mandolin, synthesizer, and shawm, crystallize the past and present, affirming the timelessness of the Universal Language’s message with force.

What more to say if not that this album is one you simply cannot ignore, should collect or offer as a gift, but mostly, listen to all the time!

The cD album "Kajto flugas" available at VINILKOSMO shop:

The digital album "Kajto flugas" Available download (MP3 kaj ogg) at:

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