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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Song lyrics in mp3 files at Vinilkosmo!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:   Song lyrics in mp3 files at Vinilkosmo !

Ekrano WMP900px
Screenshot from Windows Media Player (with lyrics)

On our Vinilkosmo label, song lyrics can be found in the audio files themselves, as metadata, and while listening to the music they can be viewed with many music programs/apps

- but unfortunately not with all

The simplest solution is to use the Windows Media Player program for mp3 files. Please note, this is not a default Windows 10 program with a similar name, but another program, which is most often found in Windows itself, but otherwise it can be downloaded at .

             WMP Ikono94px

Windows Media Player ICON

Another option is to use the versatile VLC-Videolan program, downloadable from                                                                 VLC IconSmall

                                                                   VLC icon


Ekrano VLC900px
Screenshot from VLC (with lyrics)

- or other programs such as MediaMonkey, iTunes, JetAudio, KMPlayer, Quicktime, Foobar2000, Winamp, Music Bee, etc.
(Attention, on VLC you will find the text in the menu line "tools - environment information - metadata - scroll down").

Use this option and see the song lyrics while you listen to the music!

Sing along!

                                                                                                                                                 Co-written by László Szilvási and Floréal Martorell.


Official release of ĴeLe's fourth album, "Kukoj kun fromaĝ'"  october 24, 2023
Jhele Kukoj kun Fromagh250px
Kukoj kun fromaĝ'  (Cakes with cheese) is ĴeLe's fourth album, released on CD in 2017 with a content of 11 songs.
The album Kukoj kun Fromaĝ' presents Ukrainian folk songs in Esperanto.

It's a tribute from JeLe to Ukraine.

Kukoj kun fromaĝ' reappears in the usual digital formats available at Vinilkosmo.ĵele/4-kukoj-kun-fromaĝ.html If you still don't know the duo ĴeLe go to the artist page here:ĵele.html

Official music video "Kukoj kun fromaĝ'" (Cakes with cheese):

New video clip by Armel Amiot and preparation of an EP project

New music video “Nova ĝojo”


Armel Amiot returns to delight us with his new official music video “Nova ĝojo” (New joy) from his first Ep in Esperanto.

Discover the EP Banĝo Esperanto on the Vinilkosmo platform here by clicking on the cover:


Dezertoj, new EP project

After Banjo Esperanto, Armel Amiot transports his songs into the middle of deserts.
There are many deserts, from emotional loneliness to the poverty of big cities, from the lonely bird in the clouds to the isolation of the words of someone who does not know how to use them.

The artist is often alone and his vision gives him a kind of clairvoyance, a voice of his own, and with which he can animate music and words…

The banjo, his faithful stage companion, is still there to carry the songs, but it is more accompanied this time. The blues guitars, Hammond organ, and Latin percussion carry it, so that Esperanto sounds groovy and sweet.

This new EP Dezertoj is cooking, all the ingredients are there!

Still a little patience….

“La vespera vento” new music video by Armel Amiot

“La vespera vento” new music video by Armel Amiot



Armel Amiot, for our greatest pleasure, presents his new clip “La vespera vento” (The evening wind) from his first EP in Esperanto.
Discover the EP Banĝo Esperanto on the Vinilkosmo platform here, by clicking on the cover:

Dezertoj, new EP project
Esperanto, that great humanist and globalist idea, is the ideal support for those who dream of elsewhere... In today's world, which can be both an anthill teeming with life but also a place of great solitude, the desert is everywhere. We go from oasis to oasis, in search of the links that we miss, on the lookout for this universal love, which alone can carry us a little farther....
With, to describe this beautiful journey in our luggage, poetry and songs.
To hell with melancholy! It will be with joyful rhythms and colorful melodies that the journey will be beautiful.
To the sound of the banjo.
Next spring will see the release of this new EP Dezertoj.

Esperanto Concert by VOJAĜO Saturday 9 September 2023 (20h30) in Port-Sud, Ramonville Saint-Agne (Toulouse)

Vojagxo Afisxo


The Toulousian Esperanto band VOJAĜO (Travel) is giving a concert with new songs and songs from their album "Intergalaksia".
The band's music will make you travel between nujazz, trip hop and world jazz styles with presenting their new singer's voice.

The concert will take place on the flatboat "Disdascalie"
at the canal port of Port-Sud in Ramonville Saint-Agne (Toulouse)
Address: Rue Federico Garcia Lorca, Port-Sud, 31520 Ramonville-Saint-Agne, Occitania/France

 Peniche Dadiscalie

To be sure of having a place,  book now at:


Information about the VOJAĜO band and its albums:ĝo.html

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