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New video clip by Armel Amiot and preparation of an EP project

New music video “Nova ĝojo”


Armel Amiot returns to delight us with his new official music video “Nova ĝojo” (New joy) from his first Ep in Esperanto.

Discover the EP Banĝo Esperanto on the Vinilkosmo platform here by clicking on the cover:


Dezertoj, new EP project

After Banjo Esperanto, Armel Amiot transports his songs into the middle of deserts.
There are many deserts, from emotional loneliness to the poverty of big cities, from the lonely bird in the clouds to the isolation of the words of someone who does not know how to use them.

The artist is often alone and his vision gives him a kind of clairvoyance, a voice of his own, and with which he can animate music and words…

The banjo, his faithful stage companion, is still there to carry the songs, but it is more accompanied this time. The blues guitars, Hammond organ, and Latin percussion carry it, so that Esperanto sounds groovy and sweet.

This new EP Dezertoj is cooking, all the ingredients are there!

Still a little patience….

Esperanto Concert by VOJAĜO Saturday 9 September 2023 (20h30) in Port-Sud, Ramonville Saint-Agne (Toulouse)

Vojagxo Afisxo


The Toulousian Esperanto band VOJAĜO (Travel) is giving a concert with new songs and songs from their album "Intergalaksia".
The band's music will make you travel between nujazz, trip hop and world jazz styles with presenting their new singer's voice.

The concert will take place on the flatboat "Disdascalie"
at the canal port of Port-Sud in Ramonville Saint-Agne (Toulouse)
Address: Rue Federico Garcia Lorca, Port-Sud, 31520 Ramonville-Saint-Agne, Occitania/France

 Peniche Dadiscalie

To be sure of having a place,  book now at:


Information about the VOJAĜO band and its albums:ĝo.html

Official release of KAJTO's "Sen timo" digital album on August 3, 2023

Sen Timo fronto kovrilo250px

Kajto returns with his 9th album in Esperanto "Sen timo" (Without fear), released in digital format by Vinilkosmo on August 3, 2023.
A remarkable album, completely different from the previous ones due to the great collaboration of participants, presenting 15 magnificent songs.

Available for download here:

and streaming on your favorite platforms...

To visit Kajto's artist page:

Watch the "Sen timo" music video:

Primitiva 2 , a new digital release from YASS (Japan)

Primitiva 2  , a new digital release from YASS (Japan)


Primitiva 2 varb800


YASS (Hugo Yass from Kyoto, Japan) is back with a new Esperanto album, the sequel to the first, titled Primitiva 2 .

Like the first, it contains 10 songs (57 minutes) self-produced and in a similar musical style.

Primitiva 2 is available from August 13, 2023 on major streaming platforms.


You can get or request more information about the artist and his new album at: 

or also via




Official release of KJARA's new EP "Nuda" today on July 25, 2023.



Close to the Universal Esperanto Congress, which will take place this year in Turin (Italy), in which KJARA will participate with a musical concert on August 3, 2023, his new EP in Esperanto will be released today on July 25.
After the success of last year, when she won the first edition of the "Eurovision of Minority Languages" with the song "Mozaiko", Kjara returns to sing in Esperanto and does so with new elements.




For the first time, the singer-songwriter from Rimini leaves her guitar in its case and creates an intimate and intense four-title EP, just piano and voice, whose title is Nuda (Naked).
With her, the pianist - compatriot - Simone Migani.
The translations are again by Federico Gobbo.


You can now download the digital album on the Vinilkosmo music platform here:

The album can be streamed on your favorite platforms

vertical post Kjara Nuda


To discover the artist KJARA:

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