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Kukoj kun fromaĝ' - ĴeLe – Schwedt (Germany)

Produced by ĴeLe © 2017 / Digital publishing and distribution by Vinilkosmo © 2023

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Official release of the digital album on 24 October 2023


The 4th album Kukoj kun fromaĝ' (Cakes with Cheese) by ĴeLe contains lyrical and beautiful Ukrainian folk songs in Esperanto (Nokto stelplena, Flugis la kukolo, Vekis min jam la koko), dance songs (Verda folieto, Oj, nigrohara, nigra) , funny songs (La puto profunda, Kukoj kun fromaĝ’, Vi trompis min, Grizaj kolombetoj), a Ukrainian Christmas song Bonvesperon al vi), a medley of 13 instrumentals Ho, Ukrainio, with a vocal intro about the difficult fate of Lena's native Ukraine.

Ho,Ukrainio,lando fiera.
Ho,Ukrainio,ne perdu esperon.
Por la libereco luktas vi sange.
Por la nova vojo benu ni la landon.
Voku ni la homojn de la tutmondo.
Voku ni la homojn al la granda rondo.
Sonu la tamburoj,dancu ni pasie!
Sonu melodioj el Ukrainio!

(Oh, Ukraine, proud country.
Oh, Ukraine, don't lose hope.
You fight for freedom with blood.
Let us bless the country for the new road.
Let's call people around the world.
Let us call the people to the great circle.
Let the drums sound,
let's dance with passion!

Play Ukrainian melodies!

In this album ĴeLe is:
Lyrics and music: traditional Ukrainian
Translation adaptations: Lena Wilke

Verda folieto: Petro Ŝtabaljuk,
Kukoj kun fromaĝ': Andreo Rogov, and the last verse Lena Wilke
Bonvesperon al vi: unknown adapter
Ho, Ukrainio, text: Elena Wilke

Ĵenja: vocals, violin, acoustic guitar, ukulele
Lena: vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, Bass drum, melodica

Tom Schmeichel: trumpet, vocals
Mike Hesche: bass guitar

Recording and mixing in the studio of the Musical Art School of Schwedt (Germany)
Sound engineer: Mike Hesche

Music producer: Dieter Wilke

Photo for Cover art: ĴeLe Cover art: Dieter Wilke

4- Kukoj kun fromaĝ'

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