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Amo kaj Perforto - EKDE TIAM – Brisbane, Australia

Produced by Peter Johns © 2020
Distribution by Vinilkosmo 2021

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Official release at Vinilkosmo of the digital EP 4 titles on december 1, 2021


Amo kaj Perforto (Love and Violence) is the debut EP from EKDE TIAM. Begun in Melbourne, it travelled with the band, who moved to Brisbane just before the pandemic, and was partly mixed during lockdown. The four songs are stylistically diverse, and combine acoustic drums with the electronic synthesizer.

The EP can be divided into two topics, as per the name, with the first two songs about love and the second two about violence.

"Al la Luno" (To the Moon) is a song which features samples from the NASA archives. From an affectionate beginning to an energetic climax, the song evokes amorous feelings during a trip into space.

The second song, "Reva vi" (Dream You), is about the imagination, and whether our thoughts about another person truly reflect the person themselves, or if we only imagine a "dream" version, who doesn’t in fact exist.
"Paĉjo" is a fictional imagining of the cycle of violence within families. Using rap to tell a story about a man and his father, the song deals with heavy topics with a melody that will get you dancing.

While the group lived in Melbourne, local comedienne Euridice Dixon (Ridi to her friends) was followed to a park and murdered. "Por Ridi" (For Ridi) was written in her honour.

EKDE TIAM on this album is:
-Joanne Johns (Ĝo) : vocals, synth
-Peter Johns : drums

Recorded in: Melbourne, Australia at Wick Studios
Sound Engineer: Peter Johns
Mastered by: Alchemix, Queensland, Australia

Cover: Joanne Johns

1- Amo kaj Perforto

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